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Daniel Ruiz
English/Language Arts Instructor

Florida State University (Creative Writing, BA)
Florida State University (Spanish, BA)
Michener Center for Writers at UT-Austin (Creative Writing, MFA candidate)

Teaching Experience:
In college, Daniel taught courses for freshman Creative Writing majors and sophomores
pursuing research in the arts. Since then, he’s led workshops and taught courses for writers and
readers of all ages. He has experience one-on-one tutoring as well as leading large groups in the
classroom. His primary focus is on grammar, syntax, and style, all of which help build
confidence reading and writing.

Teaching Philosophy: 

“Every student has the potential to increase their ability as readers and writers. As an instructor, I
believe it is paramount to practice active listening with students. I ask leading questions that
allow students to practice and develop critical thinking skills. Then, we translate these to the


Interesting Fact:

Daniel was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico and has played and coached basketball most of his
life. In his free time, he writes poems.

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