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Teenage Students Raising Hands

(FOR 6th - 8th Graders)

Work with an experienced counselor to maximize your student's potential throughout your middle school years.

The Sparks Program is a middle school counseling program that will help your student gain the confidence and skills to pursue your academic and extracurricular goals. 


  • During 6th grade, your student will be introduced to the never ending possibilities of fascinating careers they can pursue.

  • During 7th grade, your student will create their own goals to join fun clubs, volunteer, plan summer activities, and more!


  • During 8th grade, students solidify what their passions are, so your student and their counselor can tailor their activities and academics. Your student will be ahead of the curve and ready to conquer High School, already on their way to building a competitive and unique profile for selective college admissions ahead.

The Sparks Program occurs each year September through May for 6th-8th graders, but students can join any time!

Registration for incoming middle school students (Fall 2023) is now open!

Benefits of the
Sparks Program


1:1 Counseling

Work with your own Sparks counselor

Course Selection

Receive guidance on choosing classes based on your academic curiosities and strengths.

Extracurricular Selection

Discover enjoyable activities that will set you apart from other students

Career/Academic Exploration

Investigate potential career fields to determine what classes and activities to take part in

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5 Essential Early Skills™

Improve study and time management skills as well as grow into a more independent and self-driven person with great social and leadership abilities

Application Help

Receive help polishing applications for summer programs and private/boarding schools