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Brooke Johnson
College Admissions Counselor
English/Language Arts Instructor


Houston Baptist University (Philosophy, M.A.)

Counseling Experience:

As a Master’s student of Liberal Arts, Brooke has spent a great deal of time in crafting her skill as an essay writer in multiple forms. Through her experience teaching and tutoring in the liberal arts, she has a particular skill in helping her students understand not only what makes a good essay but how to craft an effective and efficient essay for their admissions process.

Counseling Philosophy:

“Working through the admissions process can seem incredibly daunting and overwhelming for a lot of students. My goal is to provide an admissions environment that decreases stress and allows my students to enjoy the process of essay writing and resume building as they focus on highlighting their unique talents and personalities.”

Teaching Experience:

I have been a private tutor for students in an array of subjects and fields including collegiate philosophy and history, high school Liberal Arts, and college prep. Focusing on students' individual needs and personalities, I have enjoyed crafting teaching strategies to help them meet specific goals.

Educational Philosophy:

"The unexamined life is not worth living" (Plato's Apology 38a). As a student myself and an educator, I know that a student's ability to work and meet their goals is largely dependent on their passion for the subject. I work to remove the grade-oriented goal that many students have and replace that with a true passion and love of learning. This mindset allows students to pursue and truly love the "examined life".

Interesting Fact:

Brooke's love of learning has pushed her into quite the mix of hobbies. You can often find her pottering around her (far too crowded) garden, nurturing an ever-growing collection of houseplants, studying anything related to philosophy (often delighting in the most obscure authors), or playing music. She has worked in nearly every field including veterinary medicine, education, gymnastics, and food service, and have even performed in a band here in Austin!

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