André Moreira
English/Language Arts Instructor
Essay Specialist 


University of Texas at Austin (English, B.A.; Chemistry, B.S.)
Texas State University (Composition, M.M.)


Counseling Experience:
“We would also like to thank Andre who helped her with essays later on. He is an amazing essay
coach, also very dedicated.” (From Parent of Student admitted to NYU and offered a sophomore
transfer option to Cornell)

Counseling Philosophy:
"In the college admissions process, a persuasive application is one in which any given student
transcends the mere black-and-white information to be found in the application. A student must
present him or herself so clearly that the material in his or her application becomes reflective of a
living subject, placing before any member of the admissions committee the realization that before
him or her stands a character, not abstract but real and full of color. Our objective as counselors is
to help each student breathe life into his or her application."

Teaching Experience:

Having struggled with the means by which information had been presented to him, André began his teaching experience at an early age, during which it became required of him to instruct himself, and to find suitable answers when none were provided. It is by rejecting inadequate instruction and by refusing to be satisfied with inadequate understanding that one develops an ability to truly comprehend any given topic at its core; it has been this perspective that André has used in his work with students since the commencement of his teaching career, nearly five years ago, during which he has taught English, Chemistry, Philosophy, and Music Theory.


Educational Philosophy: 

"Every student, irrespective of his or her present standing, has within him or herself the potential to
excel. The responsibility falls upon us, teachers, to find that educational path by which any given
student is to follow. Having done so, and by consequently presenting information within that
educational framework best suited for each student, we are able to illustrate the significance of
education under a light so clear and bright that its power does not fail to fall within the grasp of
every student."


Interesting Fact:

Having had his poetry and prose published, André continues to produce literary works, the latest of
which will be published by Corvus Review. Alongside his literary works, André has a body of musical
works, most of which have been written for small chamber groups, most prominently for string
quartets. A performance of the body of his classical works took place in late Spring of 2019.

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